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Your Endocannabinoid System

It's a great system that wants us to be in homeostasis, or balance. Our biological systems are actively working to maintain conditions for health, within a narrow margin. Cannabinoid, CBD,  receptors run throughout our body as part of the Endocannabinoid System regulating physiological operations including hunger, pain sensitivity, temperament, and memory. The ECS can be found in all vertebrate species and it's key components are:

  • Cannabinoid (CBD) Receptors
  • Endocannabinoids
  • Metabolic Enzymes that break down the Endocannabinoids after use

Your ECS is involved in regulation of a variety of very important physiological and cognitive processes, such as fertility, pregnancy during pre- and postnatal development, appetite, pain-sensation, mood and memory. Source

Endocannabinoids are molecules that bind to the Cannabinoid (CBD) Receptors and activate them, and are produced naturally by our cells. Endocannabinoids are made and used by our body, exactly when needed.

CBD Studies over the past few decades have shown potent and effective benefits for what ails us. CBD benefits include, but are not limited to...

  • Anxiety and Stress Relief: The phytonutrient compounds found in cannabis oil, Cannabinoids, are all-natural and known to be super-effective for relaxing the mind, reducing stress and creating a sense of calm. Source.
  • Pain Relief: Cannabinoids, CBC, CBD and CBG are known to be potent and powerful analgesic pain-killers, and anti-inflammatories. Source.
  • Sleep Regulation: This is one of the best benefits because great sleep is essential! In healthy volunteers with regular sleep cycle, 600 mg of CBD induced sedative effects whereas in subjects with insomnia, acute use of CBD (160 mg/day) was associated with an increase in total sleep time and less frequent awakenings. Source.
  • Anti-Inflammatory: Manipulation of endocannabinoids by use of cannabinoids in vivo can constitute a potent treatment modality against inflammatory disorders. Source.
  • PTSD Treatment: Cannabinoids help regulate essential body systems and benefit the Autonomic Nervous System by reduction of severity of fight or flight responses, stress and anxiety. Source.
  • Appetite Regulation: CBD is an effective CB1 blocker, inhibiting the release of ghrelin which stimulates and increases appetite- so you are less hungry. However, conversely, CBD helps ease nausea and vomiting, if appetite increase is needed. Source.
  • Cancer Prevention: Gonna bold this one cuz it's major: “…scientists reported that THC and other cannabinoids, such as CBD, slow growth and/or cause death in certain types of cancer cells growing in lab dishes." - The American Cancer Society. Source.
  • Arthritis Discomfort: Relief CBD is known to be a strong analgesic pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. For Rheumatoid Arthritis the findings are similar in pain and inflammation relief. Source.
  • Epileptic Seizure: Reduction In numerous studies, CBD was able to reduce seizures and in some cases stop them altogether. Source.
  • Alzheimer's Disease Treatment: In recent studies, CBD has been shown to reduce or remove the impact of inflammation, oxygen buildup and brain cell decline. Source.

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